About Us
Est. in 2008

Executive Trading set out for a benchmark of creating world class Political and various trading cards. These educational, entertaining, and valuable political trading card that will help those desiring to learn and share about members of Government, which enrich value for cards and collectors.


Our original series of political trading cards, released in 2009, displayed representatives of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch of the 111th U.S. Congress (2009-2011) 

In 2012 we released our second series, the 112th Congress set (2011-2013), which contained more information and offered a variety of cards such as "Rookies", and statistical cards including a "Winning Vote%", showing how often your delegates are on the winning side of voted on bills, "Voting Records" highlighting how often they vote, "Ranking", and a "Liberal/Conservative Meter" revealing their political bias. Also included in this edition are political party color coding, "MVP's" (Most Valuable Politician), "Presidential Candidate Cards", and inserts such as "Congressional Football" cards, and a "Tea Party Express/99%" card.

VICTORY 2016 SET brings a limited exclusive 25 card high level political trading card set including special members of the 2016 Election and 114th Congress 2015-2017. Only 200 of these hand numbered sets will be issued. Once the last set is sold there will be no more available. Cards include 3 Comic Flip Cards of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson. Others include Barack Obama, Sports Edition cards, Statistics and more!!!

We are proud to offer Political Trading Cards that add value to your collectibles as you venture learning about your U.S. Politicians and world figures.

Executive Trading LLC